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When your sweetheart is under the weather, say “get well soon” with a care package.

Create a Get Well Soon Care Package

Can you think of a better time than to show extra attention to your sweetheart than when he (or she) is sick? One item that is guaranteed to lift anyone’s spirits is a get-well basket. Sure, anyone can go to the store and buy a get-well card, but it takes that special person who would assemble a get-well basket for the one they love.

You can use practically anything for a *basket*; A decorative bowl, a watering can, a candy dish or any item you can find or buy to put the items in. If you want to go a step beyond, you can decorate the *basket* with balloons, streamers, ribbons, cut-out hearts or whatever might bring a little extra cheer. Below is a list of possible items you can put in your get-well basket that will have your sweetheart feeling better immediately.

  1. Get-well card (perhaps hand-made)
  2. Some flowers (from the garden or florist)
  3. Magazine they like
  4. New book
  5. Some tea bags or gourmet coffee
  6. Fresh lemon (helps sore throat)
  7. Small jar of honey
  8. Fresh fruit
  9. Rag Doll for her (trust me)
  10. Stuffed animal

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