Romantic Care Packages

A Romantic Care Package is an assortment of items that you gather and put together – in a basket, shoebox, mug, or box – and give to your love. They are ideal gifts for those in long distance relationships and can usually be mailed with ease.

What to Put in a Romantic Care Package

Put careful thought into the things that your love likes, such as a certain candy or a magazine, and include those things in your care package. More ideas…

  • A rock, a small jar of sand, or a sea shell you found on a walk
  • Their favorite candy and snack food
  • A magazine or book they would enjoy
  • A cute “I Miss You” card
  • Homemade picture frame with a picture of the both of you together
  • A picture of you blowing kisses to your love
  • Print a copy of the emails you have exchanged and tie them with a red ribbon. You could also include letters if you have exchanged them.
  • Fancy letter paper so your love can write you letters. Prestamp the envelopes or include stamps with the paper.
  • Have a friend take lots of pictures of you doing fun things while you and your love are apart. Then, find some pictures of your love and insert him/her into all the ones of you having fun.
  • Tape record a personal message for your love.
  • Video tape a personal message for your love. If it is an online relationship include footage of your house, yard, bedroom and favorite places so that he/she will know exactly what it looks like when you talk about it.
  • Use a computer graphics program to create a “World’s Best Boyfriend/Girlfriend” or “Best Kisser” certificate for your love. Include their picture if you have one.
  • Homemade CD of your favorite love songs
  • Send a lipstick imprint of your lips, laminated, that they can keep in their wallet.
  • Keep a journal of what you do each day and give it to your love. Include what time you woke up, what you had for breakfast, when you went to bed, etc.
  • Homemade crossword puzzles with your own secret message.

Themed Care Packages

Romantic Care Packages can be created with a theme (such as Chocolate Lovers or Pamper Basket), if you decide to go with a theme suggested below be sure to put consideration into which would be most suited for your love. For example, if she is a busy stay at home mom, the Pamper Basket would be perfect.

Missing You Care Package

  • Consult the list above for things to include.

Relaxation/Pamper Basket

  • soft music
  • massage oil
  • magazine or book
  • bubble bath
  • bath salts/bath beads
  • fluffy towel
  • bath pillow
  • bath sponge
  • herbal eye mask
  • wine
  • personal gift certificate that entitles owner to breakfast in bed served by you
  • gift certificate for a free facial, manicure, pedicure at her favorite salon

Chocolate Lovers

  • assorted chocolate that your love likes
  • chocolate body paint
  • gourmet chocolates
  • chocolate milk and hot chocolate mix
  • chocolate sauce
  • hershey chocolate kisses

Student Survival Kit

For the boy or girlfriend away at College

  • gift certificates for: movies, shopping at their favorite store, music, restaurants
  • roll of quarters for the payphone or laundry
  • a calling card to call home
  • candy
  • magazines
  • picture of you
  • video tape of yourself
  • gourmet coffee
  • * note: think of things that they like but can’t afford

“I Love You” Care Package

  • A List of 101 (or more) things you love about your partner
  • A homemade CD of lovesongs
  • Love letter for your partner
  • A copy of your favorite love stories
  • Knick-knacks that say “I love you” such as a teddy bear holding an “I love you” heart, a keychain, a picture, etc.
  • A mushy card