The Silent Clue Men Give When They’re Interested

We asked over 100 men: “How could a woman you’ve never met know you are interested in her (you only see her around, but you’ve never talked)?”

To sum up the responses…a lot of men relied on smiles and eye contact, a surprisingly large number of them will just tell you.

Below are all the responses:

I go out of my way to make eye contact and smile, and try to get a vibe from her.

A lot of it is eye contact and tone of voice.

From body-language, from common friends etc.

I catch her eyes and wait for her to look away. If she doesn’t look away after maybe 2 seconds, I grin my boyish grin at her and wait for her reaction.

Look in my eyes, flirtatious behavior.

Eye contact

Eye contact, smile, flowers.

My “casual” attention and attentiveness

From the look of my EYE ..

Eye contact and a particular smile

Call her on the phone and tell her.

She must look in my eyes and she will know that I’m interested in her.

Try to “accidentally” bump into her and strike up a conversation.

She would see me smile coyly at her . . . occasional glances.

I would ask about her from her friends, and start hanging out where she hangs out.

Talk to her

The way I look at her.

I seem to pay a lot of attention to her.

I would stare at her.

My eyes will show the way I feel. There is no way to hide that in the eyes.

Making eye contact every time I see her.

If she constantly catches me looking at her, even if I look away when she looks. If I smile and say hello as we pass.

She could have one of her friends ask. Or she may just see the way you look at her.

I’d tell her fiends I thought she was cute, or I’d go up to her and introduce myself.

I’ll stare at her

Slightly prolonged eye contact and warm smile.

I’ll start talking to her.. Go out of my way to see her. In a group, I tune everyone out and pay more attention to her.

Smile at her when you see her, a couple of times. Be extra polite to her, a special greeting, happen to always take the lift when she does, happen to always go to the same lunch spot. Try to get a friend to give her something nice, try to get a friend to initiate a date.

Eye contact smile

Wink at her

Eye Contact


Maybe some of my friends had told her

By making constant eye contact.

Ask her out for dinner, a drink or some place where we could go and sit and chat. Just to get to know a little about each other.

She probably wouldn’t

I would try to glance at her regularly and show here I am still paying attention to her. Basically FLIRT!!!.

I speak to her for an extended length of time even when I have the chance to speak with others.

The way you look at her

Simply by making eye contact with her and smile.

Special lingering eye contact with lots of smiles.

I would first try to establish eye contact when I see her in hopes that it can start from there then eventually I would approach this women and try to make small talk.

A sweet smile

I guess I would give little hints that I liked her. Start talking and flirting a little with her. Maybe even doing something unusual so she would laugh or see that I was a decent guy and fun to be around.

If I’ve never talked to her then I wouldn’t be interested in her

I don’t think she would.


By telling her.

Talk to her and tell her

I try to look at her when she’s looking at me and smile at her. If I think she didn’t understand the next time our eyes met I simply wink at her.

Keep looking back at her

Give a warm smile.

Would smile and introduce myself to her and have a short lite conversation at first then tell her it was very nice to meet her and that I would let her get back to what ever she was doing.

Eye contact

I would bounce my eyes her way every so often and let her catch me looking then after a while I’d go talk to her

I use quick glances

I believe your eyes can tell her

Put a note in her book bag (college student here)…then talk to her the next day in class.

Have her catch you looking at her.

I would let her know.

Eye contact


She would have to notice me glancing her way every now and then

I guess I usually try to get her to notice me by doing things that attract more attention to me.

She catches you looking at her

I will glance at her every now and then .

I would have to walk up to her and surprise her with a rose and ask her out on a date.

Send her some flowers with a romantic gesture in it and with, of course, my phone number

I make eye contact and give my best smile and possibly a wink.

I think by the way I look/act when she is around. The typical peak or “I’m looking in her direction at something, when she really knows I’m looking at her”.

Look into her eyes and smiles

Eye contact and a smile

I’m constantly looking at her. Maybe a small smile and then look away.

Eye contact, a smile

I’d be looking at her a lot and smiling at her a lot. Body language.

Body language

You check her out. Smile at her. Try to be around her.

Just make an add in a newspaper

I try not to let out a signal.

I would look at her. I would talk to her. I would spend time with her.

Make eye contact

I would look at her a lot and maybe smile at her and then go and talk to her.

If I’m “watching” her occasionally. If I’m in her “area” often.

By getting caught staring at her from across a room

She would catch me staring at her longer than I’m suppose to.

We see each other every day

Go up to her and talk to her, send a note (i.e. secret admirer)

I often look at her…but turn my look away shyly when she looks at me…she can see that split second of head turning…and the shy look afterward. That means that I’ve grown fond of her!

The way I smile at her

I’d tell her.

I’d walk up to her and ask her out.

Just by me looking at her, I’m a shy guy, so it’s a little obvious when I’m interested in someone.

I smile at her

I go out of my way to make eye contact and smile, and try to get a vibe from her.