A Week of Romance

Day 1:

  • Leave a lovenote for your partner to find during the day. Try: in their briefcase, on the driver’s seat of their car, in a pocket, in their lunch, on the receiver of the phone, by their computer, on a doorknob.
  • When you arrive home from work (or being out) seek out your wife as soon as you get home. Give her a kiss, tell her you love her and ask her about her day. Make this a new habit.
  • When your husband arrives home from work, or running an errand, take his hand and pull him towards you for a hug, kiss and “I missed you today”. Make this a new welcome home tradition.

Day 2:

  • While your partner is in the shower, warm up his or her towel in the dryer.
  • Have flowers delivered to her at work.
  • Surprise your love by arriving home with their favorite candy, snack, or icecream.

Day 3:

  • Have a lunch date with your sweetheart.
  • Send your love a virtual card. Tell them how much you enjoyed lunch together.

 Day 4:

  • Call your partner at work or home in the middle of the day just to chat for a few minutes
  • Print some love coupons and present them to your sweetheart.


Day 5:

  • Buy a box of multi-colored, sidewalk chalk. Draw a BIG heart in red and write “I love you” in the middle. Make sure it’s in a prominent place on the driveway so when your partner comes home he or she will see it.
  • Cook dinner for your partner and eat it by candlelite.


Day 6:

  • If the weather is appropriate, take a walk through a nature trail with your love.
  • If the weather is not approriate, spend the afternoon inside playing board games and talking.
  • Cuddle on the couch and watch a romantic movie together


Day 7:

  • If you live together, spend extra time in bed just talking.
  • Make a list of 50 or 100 reasons why you love your partner and present it to him or her.
  • Call your boy or girlfriend just to say goodnight.
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