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How to Make Twitter Your Free Online Dating Site

If you get on Twitter and practice, you’ll have a MAJOR ADVANTAGE compared to other guys when it comes time to pinpoint something cool in a woman’s profile, ask her the right question about it in your first e-mail to her, and call her to action in getting her to write back.

How to Play Hard to Get – the Right Way

The whole point of “playing hard to get” is to demonstrate your VALUE to others. Find out how to get it right.

7 Signs He is Interested

Telltale signs that he’s probably very interested.

My Partner is Not Romantic

What to do when you love romance, but your partner is not romantic.

Are You Clicking?

Was your first date a heart-to-heart connection, or just a one-sided illusion?

Dating Someone with Kids

Are you ready to deal with the other part of their life- the kids?

Fishing in the Company Pond

As scandalous as people try to make it, it’s not much different than what we were taught our whole lives.

The Magic Word

One word you can say to make her gaga.