Creative romance tips that you can use right now.

Random Acts of Affection

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Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Halloween isn’t just for the kids – check out these great Halloween costume ideas for couples. Be inspired!

Printable Sex Coupons

For those looking to have fun with your sex life, or an easy way to introduce the idea of trying something new…we’ve gathered together all our sex coupons and passion notes into a special package for you!

The Best Romantic Blockbusters of 2011

11% of the films released over the last year were within a romantic genre. But where was the best love story? Who holds the prize for the most heart-wrenching romance of 2011? Here are a few of the most romantic films we’ve seen hit our screens in the last year.

Romantic Christmas Tree Ideas

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Romance Her!

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Make Everyday Romantic

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9 Ways to Be Affectionate

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A Week of Romance

Warm up your romantic muscles! We take you through the week, providing romance tips you can use each day.